Our clients

Consider our smart offers if you are interested in retail premises lease, wish to make profitable investments, and would like to attract new customers.

What are the advantages of using our services? Our clients are real businessmen or investors who have their own specific needs and requirements. We always work to meet such requirements.

Premises we offer for lease are perfect to be used as:

Premises which can be used as pharmacies are located in areas with the highest pedestrian traffic. Usually these are places near public transport stops or metro stations. The premises have a separate entrance and are conveniently surrounded by stores, mobile phone shops, banks, etc. Inner layout includes a warehouse space and a retail area.
For such premises outside appearance is important. Upscale convenient locations (high traffic, suitable surrounding infrastructure, good visibility) come together with great functionality. This includes the necessary utilities and space large enough to accommodate the staff and the ATMs.
Restaurant, cafe
For premises to be used as restaurants and cafes not only location is important but also technical characteristics of the building. It should have all the utilities (water supply, sewerage, lighting, ventilation) and enough electrical power for the needs of your business.
Designer boutique
All such premises are street front with good commercial surroundings. They have large separate entrances and large windows with great advertising opportunities. There is also a functional inner layout with spacious and convenient retail and utility areas. Everything is designed for the comfort of your customers.
Jewelry shop
In this case location status is the priority. Upscale surroundings (luxury shops, designer boutiques) are accompanied by high pedestrian traffic. A separate expensive-looking entrance is necessary, as well as large windows providing good visibility. The premises not only look attractive from the outside, but also have great functionality due to a smartly planned inner layout.
Mobile phone shop
The main feature of such premises is the high pedestrian traffic due the proximity of public transport stops and metro stations. The surroundings also help attract customers. The premises have separate entrances and a convenient layout with closely located retail and staff areas.

All our premises are conveniently located within the Moscow trade routes.